About us

SleepHalo has been developed by Dave Clark, who already has a track record inventing ground-breaking products. His most notable success to date was designing and developing  the award-winning Road Angel brand, a suite of all-in-one driver aids that warned of dangerous roads, accident blackspots and speed camera locations to improve road safety. The company were also the first in the world to launch a connected Sat Nav system that allowed over-the-air updates and meant routes could be sent to the device.

An innovative and gifted electronics engineer, Dave’s inventive mind began looking for answers when his wife, who had been suffering from night-time migraines, found moving both couple’s mobile phones well away from the bed relieved her symptoms.

Working to find a solution that improved his wife’s health whilst enabling them to keep their phones close to hand, Dave developed a radiation shield that incorporated a wireless charger.  The device was so effective – with Nataly’s night-time migraines completely cured – it was decided to develop a consumer product to help other people and from this, SleepHalo was born.

The next step in the process was to bring back together the Road Angel Management Team from 15 years ago.  Now, working with MD Elaine Harries, Technical Director Stuart Bowden-Rooke and design and manufacturing specialists Terry Caven and Mark Newhall, Dave has delivered SleepHalo to market and in keeping with Dave’s determination to maintain British design and manufacturing, the product is wholly manufactured in High Wycombe.

One rather surprising and unexpected reaction from customers has been the feedback that since purchasing the product, their quality of sleep has improved.  A survey carried out in June resulted in 89% of respondents saying they slept better with SleepHalo.